Wayfair Credit Card Payment at wayfair.accountonline.com

Wayfair credit card payments can be done in various ways. One of the most common ways to carry out Wayfair credit card payments is online. In this article, I would be showing you just how to make your Wayfair credit card payment.

Wayfair Credit Card Payment
Wayfair Credit Card Payment


Wayfair started in 2002 as a small e-commerce company specializing in everything related to the home. In no time, Wayfair became a household name. From home furnishings to housewares and home improvement items, Wayfair sells it all.

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Wayfair Credit Card

With a Wayfair credit card in your wallet, you can save even more. Wayfair offers two credit cards to choose from. These are the Wayfair Mastercard and Wayfair Credit Card, which offer perks like no annual fee and 5% back on Wayfair Rewards.

Although using a Wayfair credit card can save you a lot of money, it’s important to stay on top of your credit card payments to avoid late fees. These are all ways to make a Wayfair credit card payment.

How to pay Wayfair Credit Card Payment

Like I said before, your payment can be done in several ways including through the internet and by phone call. However, if you wish to pay online, you would need to register for online banking first. Registering for online access for your credit card is pretty easy. Just make sure you already received your card in the mail. Go to the card issuer’s official website and register online access.

How to make Wayfair Credit Card Payment at wayfair.accountonline.com

After setting up online access, you can follow the instructions below to make your Wayfair credit card payment.

  • Open your internet browser and go to http://wayfair.accountonline.com/.
  • When the website loads, enter your user ID and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Scroll down and click “Sign On”.

Wait for the website to verify the information you entered and you would be logged in to your account.

How to make Wayfair Credit Card Payment by Phone

When you received your Wayfair credit card in the mail, there should be a sticker attached to the card with a number. You have to call that number and request to make your payment by phone. All you have to do is provided the required information to complete the payment and that’s it.

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Note that the number on the sticker attached to your card is also the number you would call if you want to activate your card. However, if you no longer have the ticker or you have misplaced your card, you can call the official Wayfair credit card customer care and they would help you out.

How to make Wayfair Credit Card Payment by Mail

Payment by mail is also fairly easy although it is not recommended. When you received your card in the mail, there should be a return address. Simply write your cheque or add cash to an envelope and add your credit card account number. After packaging, send it to the return address on your Wayfair credit card.

Always make sure you write your credit card number and attach it to the envelope to provide clarity on which account should be cleared. You should also make sure you send your payments at least three days before the due date to prevent late fees.

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